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About Us

Almost three decades ago two brothers decided to take the plunge and started a business in diamonds. The duo Goutham and Mahaveer Bothra are the founders of Whitefire Diamonds which is based in Chennai. With a great legacy and strong ethics, today Whitefire has made an irreplaceable mark for itself within the jewellery industry.
The company is primarily involved in the manufacturing and wholesaling of diamonds and diamond jewellery and also has an established export unit and several factories. We specialize in diamond studded jewellery which is beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans who put in countless hours to churn out magical designs. While the founders are the heart and soul of the business, the next-gen spearheaded by Karan Bothra is already adding their touch to the business.
As a brand, we have always focused on empowering our clients with the requisite knowledge required in purchasing diamonds effectively. And this profile is a small step in that direction, where we familiarize our patrons with who we are and what we do.

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In-house production of jewellery is something that is not easy to achieve. It requires the highest level of skill along with multiple factors to successfully manufacture. We at Whitefire are proud to have set up our own in-house manufacturing facilities that produce jewellery that meet the highest standards of quality. This enables us to provide our products at very competitive prices.

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