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The Brilliance that is the reflection of light in Diamond is called Fire. The pure Diamond and perfectly cut Diamond emits white Light with a dazzle. Hence the Diamonds of WHITE FIRE are aptly Named

What is the difference between old cut and new cut?

Old cut has of 32 to36 cuts, whereas the new cut has 58 facets. All the cuts were of same dimensions as they are made with the aid of sophisticated and latest technology.

What is the speciality of Diamond and why does it cost so much?

Diamond is precious as it is scarcely available all over the world. It takes millions of years to get formed at a depth of 200 kms and at a temperature of 1700°C to 2500°C.

Which is the best metal suited for Diamond?

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum are best suited for embedding Diamonds.

What are the varieties in Diamond?

Diamond is available in White, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red & Pink Colours.

Can the old cuts be converted into New cut?

Yes. We can convert. But there will be loss in Diamond weight.

Gold is called in karat, Diamond is also carat. What is the difference?

The purity of Gold is measured as 18k, 22k, & 24k to know about its purity in karat. Diamond carat mentions about its weight. The term carat is derived from ‘caras’ (means the weight of a seed which is around 200mgs.)

What is the specialty of Belgium in connection with Diamond?

Belgium is the Trade centre of Rough and polished Diamonds across the world.

What is “ Diamonds are forever” movie about?

The DTC made a James Bond Movie to popularize Diamonds.

What is meant by Dosham free Diamond?

Diamonds with no inclusion and no mark are called Dosham free. It should be clear to a level of I – F Internally Flawless and VVS1 clarity and “D,E,F”Color.

What is meant by Belgium cut?

Till 19th century India is the only rough Diamonds producer In the world. At that time in India Diamond cutters Cut their rough Diamonds as they thought good. For the First time Lodgewijk Van Berckem a Belgian invented the polishing angles Method that gave more Fire. So all the Diamond cutters worldwide liked the same cut. From then onwards the name of Belgium cut got popularized. After that the cutting had got improved more and now most Diamonds are cut with 58 facets.

Where are Rough Diamonds available?

Rough Diamonds are available in South Africa, Canada, Australia, Russia.

What are the ways to find a good Diamond & value?

Cut, Colour & Clarity combined with carat weight. What is meant by Blue Jager Diamond? Blue Jager is a mine in South Africa, Earlier there was no system to grade the Diamond and hence Diamonds were named based on the place where it is mined. When the Diamond emits white colour rays of which blue colour Is the foremost in combination that can be seen from the sky and sea.

What is White Gold?

When gold mixed with palladium alloy becomes white in color. It is still good quality gold & no extra charges is added towards this

What is the merit and demerit of White Rhodium polishing?

When white rhodium polish is given to the Diamond jewellery, the jewellery shines more. But later on the Rhodium might turn dark black requiring frequent polishing.

Why people say oil has gone inside the jewellery?

After a long usage in the close setting jewellery oil and sweat goes inside the setting through the gap. Hence diamond looks dull without lustre. To remove the oil or dust you have to remove the diamond and clean the stone before resetting.

Can we clean the Diamond jewellery in Hot Water? And how to maintain the jewellery?

Only open setting jewellery can be cleaned in warm water. Strictly the closed setting jewellery cannot be washed in hot water. Always wash the Diamond jewellery in cold water and wipe with cotton cloth.

Which setting is best suitable for Diamond?

In close setting diamond is fixed totally surrounded by gold but in Open setting the diamond is fixed using prongs. Whatever be the setting, diamond jewellery is to be used carefully.

Whether any material is used below the Diamond in a closed setting?

Yes. Silver foil or black paste is used below the Diamond to Prevent the reflection of yellow colour of gold in which diamond is fixed.

How about the revaluation for diamond?

Diamond has a very good revaluation, as the diamond can be reused since the price of diamond is growing steadily.

Why certificate issued for diamonds as DEF colour and not separately?

In diamond less than 0.30cents it is very hard to differentiate between the three colours namely D-E-F. Hence even in diamond Rapaport report diamonds Above 30 cents alone has been classified in a separate way.

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